GH StartUp Factory is the Venture Client Unit of GH Cranes & Components, empowering innovative startups with industry expertise and resources.

Our Venture Client program at GH StartUp Factory offers startups the opportunity to showcase their solutions and enables GH Cranes & Components to adopt the top innovations across our group.

GH Cranes & Components is a trusted and experienced supplier of industrial lifting equipment, with a history of providing innovative and reliable solutions for over 65 years.

With a focus on cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, GH Cranes & Components is committed to helping businesses achieve their lifting goals safely and efficiently. As we continue to evolve and adapt to changing industry demands, we seek strong partnerships with top startups like yours through GH StartUp Factory to bring forth new solutions and enhance our offering to customers.


How does it work?

GH StartUp Factory serves as the initial destination for startups looking to make an impact in the industrial lifting and logistics industry, providing a platform for validating solutions, gaining insights on the industry, and connecting with influential decision-makers.

Reach a Global Market

Real-World Validation

Accelerate Your Growth

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We are seeking innovative startups with leading solutions..

Crane Digitisation & Connected Services Startup technologies that enable GH Cranes & Components to develop and industrialize the next generation of smart cranes and connected services.
Automation & Autonomous Driving Startups offering technologies which enable autonomous driving and the automated operation of cranes and charts.
Industry 4.0 Startups offering cutting-edge technologies in e.g. computer vision, robotics, IoT in manufacturing industries to improve productivity and efficiency.

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Choose GH StartUp Factory as your next destination. Why?
Because you win a trusted industry leader as your venture client alongside unparalleled industry expertise, world-class resources, and a dynamic community of like-minded innovators, propelling your startup towards success.

Experience real business growth

Partner with GH StartUp Factory and gain GH Cranes & Components as your paying customer. Our program is designed to help you gain a competitive edge by providing top-notch solutions that solve urgent challenges we have identified.

Accelerate your progress

GH StartUp Factory streamlines the adoption process, allowing your solution to be implemented faster. Our program is designed to help you stay ahead of the competition by addressing immediate needs.

Access industry expertise

With GH Cranes & Components as your Venture Client, you gain access to invaluable feedback and guidance from real users in the industrial lifting and logistics industry. Our program is designed to help you grow your business with honest, valuable insights.

Retain ownership of your solution

We understand that your solution is your own, and we respect that. GH Cranes & Components does not require exclusivity or IP-sharing, nor are there any investment conditions attached. Our program is designed to help you succeed on your own terms.

Win GH Cranes & Components as your Venture Client!

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